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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Fred-capades and 60 minutes of fame...

I just got an indecipherable voicemail from Fred about an issue I don't cover. But, well, there you go.

I tried to call him back but was routed to Jeannie's voicemail. There you go again.

In more exciting news, I hear that 60 Minutes is scheduled to run a feature on eminent domain this coming Sunday, September 28. Expect appearances by your favorite red-headed libertarians from IJ -- Scott Bullock and Dana Berliner.

This is my first ever blog post. Take that, 21st century!

To conclude, The Eyre Affair is fun!

Monday, September 22, 2003

Perez is so Proud

Despite his fame, The Mango wishes to assure us that he is not too proud to associate with we in the lower orders, for the moment at least. He has asserted, "I'll only develop a case of the DC snobs when I've got at least two (mentions on InstaPundit) under my belt."

As the man himself would say, cra-a-zy.

Oh, did you all see Thomas Pearson getting linked to the Godfather of Blogging - Instapundit, i.e. the Puppy Blender?

The Mango hits the Big Time

Yes, yes, scroll down and you will see it. And I am assuming this is OUR Thomas Pearson, but then again, I have to assume the George Mason Law only has one.

And if you don't know why Glenn Reynolds is called the Puppy Blender, you obviously spend too much time working and not enough time surfing various blogs.

So, what did you all do on Thursday night? I played Scrabble by candlelight with my new neighbor. He beat me , but I didn't play terribly defensive Scrabble (lots of 2 letter words filling in space). Seemed a bit much with someone I don't know well and in the dark. Plus, I will admit, he is kind of cute. We also ate crackers and peanut butter and warm bottled water. You can't say that I am a lousy hostess. He supplied the battery-power radio.

I lost my power at 6 pm and my water sometime during the night. Both were restored within 24 hours. No complaints from me towards Dominion VA Power. I'm delighted that I don't have Pepco.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Nope Sam's here in DC. Read, O DC Denizens, and despair!

On the upside though the government's shut down. Makes me feel quite fond toward hurricanes.

Monday, September 15, 2003

With a hurricane bearing down on our area - via possibly the Outer Banks - can I safely assume that Sam Kazman is on his vacation on the Outer Banks right now?

Nothing like the annual Kazman story of evacuation.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

There are some butts that need kickin' and my kickin' leg is itchin' to kick.

My question will continue to be: why do these events continue to be held in locations remotely palatable to your average protestor? Somebody got it right when Doxa was picked as a conference site.

How about Vladivostok? Or Yakaterinberg, on the eastern side of the Urals? Or how about picking someplace where the immorality of keeping the world's poor mired in poverty can be amply demonstrated to the statists who would see global trade stifled?

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

All I can say is having heard Jim Sheehan's stories about Fred en kimono in Kyoto, I'm not clicking on any photo links.

And why are Richard and Liz, the keepers of the fort in glamorous DC, the ones doing all the blogging?

Meanwhile Coldplay has thoughts on trade. (Thanks to Loralei for the story!)

CANCUN, Mexico (AP) - British rock group Coldplay is campaigning to give
poor countries better access to global trade, but don't expect their
activism to show up in their music anytime soon.

``It's very hard to find things that rhyme with North American Free Trade
Agreement,'' lead singer Chris Martin, sweating in black clothes and
sunglasses on a Cancun beach, said Tuesday.

Martin and Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland hoisted four giant green
letters spelling ``HOPE'' on a beach near Cancun's convention center, where
ministers from 146 World Trade Organization countries are trying to come up
with a global deal to liberalize trade.

Coldplay is participating in a campaign called Make Trade Fair, which has
collected more than 3 million signatures from around the world urging the
WTO to make their rules benefit poor nations as well as rich ones.

Martin, who is dating Gwyneth Paltrow, and Buckland delivered the petition
to WTO Director General Supachai Panitchpakdi.

``We'd like to raise awareness about the idea of more fair trade around the
world,'' Martin said. ``Free trade is a great idea. It's just that we in the
West do anything but stick to it.''

Martin said he has tried to write songs with a fair-trade message, but the
results haven't been pretty.

``Our priority is to write good songs,'' Martin said, ``because if we didn't
we wouldn't get invited to meetings like this.''

On the Net:


Nobody suggest to Fred that he should be involved in a pro-free trade naked protest. Please.
What I want to know is what's up with the title of CEI's official blog: "CEI Does Cancun". Do the counter protestors not realize that this method will not win therm converts? (It's more of a call to join the EU really.)
Everyone is going to want to go to CEI's fine WTO Cancun blog to get updates on the most recent wave of naked anti-globalization protests. Bilingual translator to the stars Ivan Osorio has already sent the first of the local posts.

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