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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Publishing powerhouse and alum Fumento on blogs:

"The first set of hate mail came after I posted an item on 'Advise and Dissent' to the effect that with only a handful of exceptions, blogsites are nothing but ego trips for people who can't get their material published anywhere else. Offhand I would say that applies to over 99 percent of them. That, in fact, is why you see references to a 'blogosphere,' because essentially these people are in their own self-contained world. But apparently some in that 99 percent and some of the handful of readers each gets didn't care for what was so obvious an observation."

True, of course. The real distinction lies in those people who realize their blogs are shameless exercizes in self-indulgence and those who like to think they're a latter-day Thomas Paine because they're 'publishing outside the mainstream'. Here's to electronically enabled vanity - honestly acknowledged, of course.
Who is that serious looking gentleman on the cover of the Legal Times this week? Could it be the scourge of the climate treaty elite, Chris Chris Horner?

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