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Monday, December 22, 2003

Look Ma - No Henry!

Conko has scored an elite hit today with his Wall Street Journal Europe op-ed, this time not co-authored with Hoover biotech guru Dr. Henry "I Didn't Write Tropic of Cancer" Miller:

"It may now seem daring to say, but in a decade's time GM foods are likely to be as widely accepted in kitchens as margarine and microwave ovens are today. When that happens, we may look back and view Dec. 22, 2003 as a landmark date in the rehabilitation of biotechnology's currently soiled public image. On that day, one of the anti-GM movement's most compelling criticisms will begin to crumble irreparably as the first European patent on a GM crop is set to expire."

We can only hope the hysterical anti-GM activism of today will expire just as quickly. When liberal arts sophomores with blond dreadlocks decide it's better to beat a drum for biological 'purity' than to help impoverished famers feed their families, you know a time for change has come.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Au Contraire

When did interviewing experts become shilling? The real concern is did Ms. Allison A. Freeman misrepresent the opinions of Ms. Zambone and Mr. Bate? You can never tell with those fiends in the press.
CEI Alums Shilling For Other CEI Alums
Today's Greenwire features Ms. Allison A. Freeman writing a completely non-biased article about DDT where she interviews Ms. Jennifer Zambone and a guy named Roger Bate.

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