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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sneaking into the City Paper

This week's City Paper contains a profile of alleged conservative journalist Dan Borchers and his problems with our friends at CPAC. Borchers, it seems, thinks that conservatives these days are too darn conservative - he's especially down on American patriots like the divisive and slender Ann Coulter. In spreading his opinions at CPAC over the last few years he's become enough of a pest to the staff to get himself banned from the conference. This year, he tried to sneak back in, and during the course of the article about him, author Brian Montopoli sets the scene, surreptitiously letting CEI into the story:

"With the badge hanging around his neck, Borchers enters the main exhibit hall, where, interspersed among booths from conservative news organizations and advocacy groups, vendors hawk books about 'the tragedy and threat of the homosexual lifestyle,' bumper stickers that read, 'GUN CONTROL Means Hitting Your Target,' and information on the 'eco-myth' of global warming."

It may be clothed in quotation marks of skepticism, but at least we made it in.

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